Oak Orchard/Riverdale Post 28



To Contact Any Officer, Please Call Post at 302-945-1673



 2021  Post Officers


                                                      Commander  Tom Malin                          2nd Vice Commander Pat Feehley






3rd Vice Commander Joe Brown                      Adjutant  Richard (Dick) Kollar                    Finance Officer Vacant   




Service Officer Timothy J. Shepke                                Chaplain- Vacant                                 Judge Advocate - Vacant    





Historian - Vacant                              Sgt. @ Arms, Lauren Heibeck-Doyle                 E- Board member Brian Wagener





                                                                              Russell E. Bufflap                                                         Malinda Malin                                                      Arthur Linton                      




 Son's of American Legion Officers

Commander - Garth Miller

1st Vice Commander - Ed Gossett, Jr.

2nd Vice Commander - Gordon Law

Adjutant - Ed Gossett, Jr.

Finance - Mike Dangerfield

Chaplain - Les Hauss

Historian -Terry Johnson

Sgt @ Arms - Scott Underkoffler

Sgt @ Arms - Terry Ziegler

Sgt @ Arms -Wally Kinzer



Auxiliary Officers

President - Linda Shelly

Vice President - Judy Marinelli

Secretary - Anita Valentino

Treasurer - Carol Feeley

Chaplain - Mary Ellen Paylor

Historian - Bette Kaupa

Membership - Mary Ellen Paylor

Sgt @ Arms - Betsy Voight and Barbara McBride

E-Board - Pauline Law, Betty Newman, Pat May


Legion Riders

Director - Ed Feeley

Assistant Director - Carol Feeley

Treasurer - Carol Feeley

Membership - Ed Feeley

Secretary - Lisa Schumann

Chaplain/Historian - Marian Willman

Sgt @ Arms - Walter Willman & Warren Carman

Road Captain - Lou Eisel