Oak Orchard/Riverdale Post 28


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Since 1983, we have grown to be the 5th largest post in the Nation!
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Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday  10 am to 1am

Sunday 10 am to 12 am

Phone: 302-945-1673


We are proud to serve our veterans, their families and the community.


Events, bands and kitchen specials updated daily on Facebook 







Our General Membership Meetings

 2nd Thursday of Every Month,starting 7:00 PM


Your participation is needed to keep our Post strong.

The House Committee is seeking " a few men" to serve on its committee!

If you feel you can make a contribution, please contact LARRY DOYLE at 610-547-6047



From the Chaplain's Desk


Veteran Service Officer Information 

The Vietnam Veterans Chapter1105 and Post 28 will host a Town Hall/ work shop on 26 October 2023 from 9 AM- 3 Pm. Present will be State Officals, VSO's and Chapter Commanders from all veteran chapters in Sussex County. All veterans are invited!


Kenneth "Skip" Wingo, Post 28 VSO, is available every second and fourth Wednesday, from 10:00 AM  to 1:00 PM.

Skip can be contacted at 302-945-1673




Treat yourself to a tasty, appetizing snack or meal! Our kitchen is open Monday-Saturday,from noontime to 8:00 PM.


                                                     Monday - Wings

                                                                                                   Play darts                  

                                                                                Tuesday - Tacos

                         MINGO 1- 3 pm / Bar & Dining Room           

              Wednesday  Trivia - 6 pm -8 pm / BAR & Dining Room

Shuffle Board League- 5pm

Line Dancing - Bingo Hall 6pm

             Thursday -Hot Spots 6 pm-8 pm / Bar & Dining Room

Friday- Shrimp/Seafood 

LIVE music 7:00 - 10:00 pm / Dining Room Stage

Saturdays:  LIVE music 7:00 - 10:00 pm

Sunday - Pool League 12pm

EVERYDAY - FREE Pool - Open to ALL 

                                                                              Don't forget on Friday and Saturday, to wear your RED SHIRT!

 Weekend BAND SCHEDULE is on the BAND Page or follow the link below:


"click on the 3 step icon in the upper left hand corner for the drop-down menu"